The Alliance graciously provides companies with a Responsible Purchasing Referential that integrates the challenges of deforestation and ecosystem conversion

Wishing to support companies in the fight against imported deforestation, the members of the Alliance for the Preservation of Forests have developed a unique referential allowing companies to structure their purchasing procedures taking into account the challenges of deforestation and conversion of ecosystems.

This framework is a first step in the development of a roadmap to guide companies, whatever their size, sector and level of maturity, in their progress towards achieving the Zero deforestation objective. It includes a set of continuous improvement elements at the service of companies aimed at:

• Structure the responsible purchasing process to take into account deforestation and the conversion of remarkable ecosystems in your purchasing and product innovation processes.

• Use the self-assessment tool developed by the Alliance to understand where your business stands in terms of deforestation and ecosystem conversions.

• Understand and formalize your current level of maturity and prepare an improvement path on the subject of deforestation.

• Participate in the Alliance’s annual survey and contribute to the proposed reporting on this subject.

• Benefit from the development of a common database of tools and references which allows the implementation of the identified improvements.

The Alliance is pleased to make this referential available to businesses in open access and urges them to join its ranks to loudly speak out for businesses committed to the fight against deforestation.


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