The Alliance welcomes Estelle Lobé, guardian of the Congo Basin Forest

The Alliance for Preservation of Forests had the honor of accompanying Estelle Ewoulé Lobé during her visit to Paris for her participation in the We Love Green festival, held from May 31 to June 2, 2024, at the Bois de Vincennes. Originally from Cameroon, Estelle Ewoulé Lobé, guardian of the Congo Basin forests, is a passionate eco-feminist and an active advocate for environmental justice in Africa.

A Remarkable Activist

At 43, Estelle Ewoulé Lobé has an impressive background and a deep commitment to protecting the environment and human rights. Co-founder and Executive Secretary of the Action for the Protection of Internally Displaced Persons and Environmental Migrants in Africa (APADIME), she has been working since 2011 to defend the rights of indigenous populations, displaced persons, and environmental migrants, with a particular focus on women. Her dedication has been recognized internationally, notably by the Marianne Initiative, of which she is a 2023 laureate.

Fighting Environmental Crime

Estelle Ewoulé Lobé plays a crucial role in establishing networks aimed at combating environmental crime and protecting the rights of indigenous populations in the Congo Basin. She collaborates with national, regional, and international actors, including the French Embassy in Cameroon and the Global Initiative Against Transnational Crime (GI-TOC), where she is a member of the Resilience Fund. Her work with these organizations demonstrates her commitment to building bridges between various stakeholders for a common cause.

On-the-Ground Engagement

On the ground, Estelle mobilizes local communities for forest conservation and trains them in various ecological practices. A trained lawyer, she provides critical legal support to community groups, particularly indigenous women, in implementing Income Generating Activities (IGAs). This support is vital for enabling these communities to develop sustainable livelihoods while protecting their environment.

A Voice on the International Stage

Estelle Ewoulé Lobé has also contributed to several international conferences, including the Rio+20 Conference and the 11th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime. Her expertise and passion for environmental justice have made her a respected figure on the global stage.

We Love Green: A Platform for Awareness

At the We Love Green festival, Estelle Ewoulé Lobé had the opportunity to share her experience and her fight for environmental justice with an international audience. This festival provided an ideal platform to raise awareness among participants about the environmental challenges faced by the Congo Basin and the local initiatives aimed at addressing them.

The Alliance for Preservation of Forests supports the actions led by Estelle Ewoulé Lobé, an inspiring figure in the fight for environmental protection and social justice. Her commitment and dedication are powerful examples of the positive impact that environmental activists can have, not only at the local level but also globally.


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