Wildfires in the Amazon

Coalition of companies engaged in the fight against tropical deforestation, the Alliance for the Preservation of Forests monitors the situation of the Brazilian Amazon for several months. The intensity of the forest fires occurred in August 2019 has unfortunately confirmed our worries for the preservation of the rainforest, but also indigenous peoples and animal species living there.

In accordance with its charter *, the Alliance for the Preservation of Forests recommends to its members the implementation of a scrupulous analysis of their supply chains from Brazil, especially for natural agricultural raw materials. Alliance member companies are therefore getting closer to their suppliers in order to obtain guarantees regarding the non-association of their supplies with the recent deforestation. Without these guarantees, deliveries will be declared non-compliant and will require a corrective action plan (replacement, temporary or definitive alternative sourcing).

The Alliance for the Preservation of Forests is convinced that the fight against deforestation can only be effective if it is treated by a territorial and multi-sector approach, in collaboration with all stakeholders. As such, the Alliance welcomes the work of NGOs to highlight providers contributing to this deforestation. The Alliance is also involved in initiatives such as developing satellite monitoring, strengthening certification systems, improving traceability and field verification.

* Excerpt from the Alliance for the Preservation of Forests Charter: “Are considered to be non-compliant the production, supplies or investments associated with deforestation, conversion of natural ecosystems, the appropriation of lands or resources of indigenous peoples or local communities; and required accordingly corrective actions.


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