Fighting against deforestation: our actions in 2018

In 2018, the Alliance for the Preservation of Forests took several actions to fight against deforestation:

• Contribution to the development of the National Strategy to Combat Imported Deforestation. This action is being carried out at the request of the National Panel on Tropical Forests, as a voice of the private sector.

• Hardening of the Principles and Criteria of the RSPO by participating in the task force in charge of the revision of the certification system.

• Partnership between the Alliance for the Preservation of Forests and PONGO ALLIANCE. This group of oil palm producers, companies and NGOs works for the implementation of territorial projects in South-East Asia and the conservation of fauna in palm oil landscapes.

• Signature of the Cerrado Manifesto for the preservation of this region of Brazil composed of savannas with exceptional biodiversity. Soybean and cattle farming are threatening this region.

• Signature of Act4Nature, a private sector initiative for biodiversity. This action creates an international and collective dynamic ahead of COP 15 to fight against deforestation.

• Partnership with the Sustainable Agricultural Landscapes in Southeast Asia (SALSA) platform. This platform is dedicated to improving the sustainability of perennial crop systems in Southeast Asia. This partnership is achieved within the framework of the 3-year partnership with CIRAD.

• Registration to the United Nations Green Commodities Program.

• Member of the SDG community, an initiative led by the Office of the Commissioner General for Sustainable Development.


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