Deforestation: The Alliance sits on the SNDI Committee

The National Strategy to Combat Imported Deforestation (SNDI), published in November 2018, is related to axis 15 of the Climate Plan of the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition.

Involved in the development and implementation of this national strategy, the Alliance for the Preservation of Forests has been missioned since 2017 by the Deputy Minister of the Environment to collect the contributions of the private sector.

The Alliance for the Preservation of Forests sits on the SNDI Monitoring Committee in order to represent the private sector, with scientists and public authorities.

This strategy must lead each actor (producing countries, companies, investors, consumers) to change its behavior. It comes first with agricultural materials that will trigger the most imported deforestation. It means soybean, palm oil, beef and co-products, cocoa, rubber, wood and timber products.

The front of deforestation is progressing rapidly. That’s why there will be two updates in 2020 and 2025. Objective: to measure progress and take new actions.

With this strategy, France wants to play a role in the fight against imported deforestation. Today it is the first initiative of its kind.

The Alliance for the Preservation of Forests is involved in the fight against imported deforestation. Thus the Alliance organized on April 4, 2019 an online seminar with the NGO Mighty Earth.


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